Why Work from a Business Centre?

If you don’t want to work from home, and require all the professional facilities of a fully-operational office space, but don’t want to buy, rent, or equip dedicated office space, using a business centre could be ideal. Often a perfect solution for small companies and start-ups, a business centre can help a company to save costs whilst still benefitting from a modern and efficient working environment.

A home office may be good for an individual, but the appeal drops when you add a team into the equation. Co-working facilities and shared office space  are other options, but they do not allow the privacy and peace that your business may require. Virtual office services are great if you don’t need your team to be present together during the working day. If you love the idea of a conventional office, but are put off by the overheads and work needed to make an office ready for business, a corporate office within a business centre could be just what you are looking for.

Here are some advantages of using a business centre:

Reduced Office Management Responsibilities and Costs

With a regular office, the company is responsible for all aspects of keeping the office running smoothly, including acquiring and maintaining the actual office space, ensuring that cleaning services are in place, making sure that bills for lighting, internet, phone services, and suchlike are paid on time, dealing with any problems that may arise from these services, furnishing the office, providing all essential office equipment and supplies, such as computers, stationery, telephones, fax machines, printers, photocopying machines, etc, hiring support staff, … the list goes on! And, not to forget the availability, cleaning, and maintenance of waiting areas / lobbies, staff bathrooms, and a break room, kitchenette, or vending machines. There are so many aspects to consider when setting up and running an office.

Business centres and corporate serviced offices take care of the basics, with many providing additional services if required. The costs of using a business centre are a primary draw for many, with a monthly fee payable for a fully set up office. There are no additional maintenance costs or overheads, and a company does not have to concern itself with the day-to-day essentials of keeping the office up and running or getting an office business-ready at the start of operations. Convenience and efficiency are often attractive too; time is money, and a business centre helps to save valuable and precious time that could be better used on other matters.

Short-Term Commitments

When you rent an office space it is typical for fairly long lease periods to apply. This can be unattractive for businesses that do not have the initial capital to put down or are unsure as to the future direction of their company. Business centres, on the other hand, usually offer relatively short-term lease periods, giving you peace of mind, manageable costs, and excellent facilities.

Additional Support Services

Some business centres offer an assortment of services as standard, inclusive in the rental costs, and others allow tenants to pick and choose what services they require, paying an additional fee as appropriate. This gives you full flexibility to manage your business in the way that you want. In the case of an independent solicitor, for example, corporate secretary services are often preferable to doing all tasks themselves or hiring a dedicated person to assist.

Services that are generally offered by a business centre, in addition to the actual work space and office equipment, include secretarial and administrative support, reception services, mail room support, meeting or seminar room rental, photocopying facilities, and communal areas where office staff can take a break and get refreshments, such as a canteen or kitchenette.

There are many reasons why companies may choose a business centre over a conventional office.