Should You Choose the Cheapest Virtual Office?

The best virtual office can be a great way for businesses to save money without cutting corners. Customer satisfaction is not compromised, the company’s essential infrastructure is in place, with all necessary services and facilities, yet the operational tasks and responsibilities are lower and monthly office running costs are taken care of in one inclusive package. The cheapest virtual office can also be an ideal solution for businesses that are new, suffering financial difficulties, or unsure as to what direction they plan to follow in the future. It’s also fantastic for people who run a side business, and just need services for a few hours per week. A cheap virtual office isn’t just for companies that are trying to operate on a shoestring budget – why waste money and reduce revenue unnecessarily?

What’s Included in a Virtual Office Fee?

Check the fine print carefully before signing up for a cheap virtual office. The cheapest virtual office services are usually very basic, sometimes covering little more than a mailing address. Some may charge extra for a mail forwarding service, possibly charging per piece, making the initial affordable cost increase over the course of the month. You may also potentially end up having to pay more for packages that are received, with fairly stringent criteria for what constitutes a package.

The basic package will probably have the option to add on other services, allowing you to tailor the service to your requirements. You may choose to use some services permanently, whereas you might opt to use only on occasion. Ensure that the overall costs are still low enough to make your virtual office cost-effective and within your price range, and that pay-per-use options are available if this is something that you will require.

Typical Additional Services

Some of the cheapest virtual office packages may be inclusive of some of the following services, whilst others may offer them as optional extras. Common additional services include corporate secretary services, administration support services, and an office phone that is manned in a professional manner. Call centre facilities, for inbound and outbound calls, may also be available, though these are highly likely to incur additional charges above and beyond the arrangement fee for a cheap virtual office.

The availability of meeting and conference rooms is often essential for companies that regularly have to interact with clients in person. Having the option to add cheap meeting room rental  onsite, or even inclusive availability, is a huge plus point for many businesses, and is something that you should consider. Most of the cheapest virtual offices do not provide rooms for use, meaning that you would need to hold meetings elsewhere. Not only will this cost money, but you also need to find an appropriate venue. In addition, having clients meet you at a location other than your company’s address can be rather detrimental.

Pros and Cons

There are many advantages and disadvantages when considering the cheapest virtual office. If you just want a very basic service, complete with an official-looking address and with the option to add extras when needed, at the most affordable rates, this could be the perfect choice for your business. If, on the other hand, you require a fairly wide range of services on a regular basis, you may find the cheapest virtual office option to be lacking, and actually end up costing you more than fuller, more inclusive, and more expensive virtual office services or facilities offered by a business centre would.