The Importance of Your Company Address

As well as being a legal requirement for businesses, your company address can say a lot more about your business than you may think. Whether you use your home address, a friend or family member’s address, the address of your owned or rented premises, a PO Box  address, have a package with corporate serviced offices that includes an address, use a business address service, have a business centre company address, or something else, know what message your address is sending to potential clients and customers. Luckily, if you want a business address that is different to the one you are using presently, or if you are thinking about options for your corporate address, there are several options available to you.

Here are some pros and cons to consider for some of the common options for company addresses:

Home Address

If you have a home office, it might naturally follow that you use your personal address as your company address too. This can be really convenient; you don’t have to go anywhere to collect your post, it’s free, and you needn’t worry about any security issues with using an intermediary service for your post. However, you remove any privacy that you had when you publish your personal details, and, depending on the nature of your business, you could have people actually turning up at your home wanting to speak with you about business-related matters.

Address of a Friend or Family Member

Similar to above, using the address of someone you know probably isn’t ideal for your company’s address. There is the added disadvantage of having to go regularly to collect your mail, and the awkwardness of if a customer decides to drop by. Not only will your friend or relative probably not be too happy at having strangers paying them a visit, but the customer will also likely be very confused to find themselves at a private dwelling without the actual business owner in occupation.

Traditional Office Address

In the cases of traditional office set ups, using the actual office address is usually the preferred option for most enterprises. Mail is delivered directly to the company, and dedicated staff can distribute and deal with the post. Depending on the nature of your business, however, this might not be the ideal option. For example, there could be safety concerns for employees if your company is controversial, you may not want to attract visitors, or perhaps you want to avoid confusion if you regularly hold meetings in other premises.

PO Box

Whilst a PO Box ensures anonymity, it generally doesn’t look professional when used as a company mailing address. You also need to ensure that you collect post regularly.

Address via a Serviced Office

If you use serviced offices, it generally naturally follows that you would use their address for company mailings; this service is more often than not included in the package price that you pay. If you hold regular meetings in a different location, however, such as in rented meeting rooms, this could cause confusion with clients.

Business Address Service

Using a business address service can make dealing with post very convenient and efficient. Somebody else is responsible for opening and sorting your written communications, generally scanning the contents into a shared online folder. This is not a good option if you would prefer to actually handle the physical items yourself or need to file paper correspondence. It is generally ideal for people who work from home or a co working space, and for those who use virtual offices. Be aware, however, that some services charge by the piece, and that there may be additional charges and / or a detailed process to follow if you want to collect items. Obtaining a company address through such a service is also great if you require a prestigious address in a popular neighbourhood, or a local office address for a company that is based overseas.

Business Centre Address

Similar to business mail services from a serviced office, this is often a preferable option for companies that operate out of a business centre.

Your company address can be a major part of your businesses image, as well as simply a place for people to get in touch by post.