Create the Right Impression with Your Company’s Executive Office

Your company’s executive office is the primary hub of your business. It is where all key decisions are likely to be made, and you want an executive office that is professional, efficient, and has a great appearance. After all, this is probably the place where influential people will meet, both from inside and outside of the company. Think of your executive office, sometimes referred to as the head office or corporate office, as the command centre of your organisation. It is typically not one singular office, but rather a suite of offices with extra facilities. Consider how much space your key players will need when looking for an office for rent.

Usually more spacious and elegant than other offices within the company, the executive office may be in entirely separate business premises, on a dedicated floor of an office building, in a separate section of a larger office, or perhaps within corporate serviced offices or a business center.

Virtual Work

Even if you operate a virtual office, using, for example, a home office and / or virtual office services to assist with your daily business activities, you can still have an executive suite to be proud of. A large number of commercial buildings have space for rent that can be used to create the perfect office for your company’s key players. Even if people don’t regularly work for that location, a good executive office has many benefits, including space that is already set up to receive guests and conduct vital business negotiations, and hold important business meetings for members at the top of the organisation’s management chain, investors, stakeholders, directors, etc.


Another consideration is the prestige that may be attached to the executive office’s address. People can draw assumptions and make conclusions based on the location of your business. Having an executive office with a desirable address can be very attractive. In the case of an office that isn’t always in use, a mail forwarding service can enable you to enjoy a popular address whilst still receiving all company communications.

Aesthetic Appeal

Many companies want an executive office that creates the impression of an affluent, successful, powerful and dynamic company. The furnishings and décor are often extra plush and to a high standard, the floors may be carpeted rather than tiled, there will be more space available, and it’s fairly typical for semi-valuable pieces of interesting artwork to adorn the walls.

Other Features

It is common for a corporate office to have a comfortable seating area, and an outer area where a secretary, PR assistant, or another member of support staff can work. There may be space to store clothes, in case a quick change is required in the middle of the day, and it is not unusual to find that executive offices have full bathrooms, with a shower as well as a sink and toilet.

The overall purpose of your executive office to be a place here people can work well, entertain others, and that is quiet and peaceful, conducive to harvesting creative ideas. They are practical working spaces, with all necessary equipment, as well as an attractive office space.