Setting Up the Perfect Home Office

If you have taken the first step of creating a business plan and are planning to operate your own business, the next logical step is to make sure that you have a dedicated space from which you can work. Your office at home needs to have all the professional equipment that you need to operate effectively, be comfortable, and inspire you to work. Whether you’re a company employee who has the option to work remotely from home, a budding entrepreneur who wants to get the creative juices flowing and launch a new business, a self-employed freelancer who completes work for various companies, or similar, the basic things you need for the perfect home office are almost the same.

Here’s what you need for the ideal office at home:

Separation of Space

Don’t mix business and pleasure! Ensure that your home office is a professional space that is clear from distractions. The goal is to emulate a conventional office set-up as much as possible, without the need of finding an actual office for rent. Remove TVs, game consoles, books unrelated to work, and other sources of distraction. Try and make your personal office a pet and child-free zone too.


The chances are that you will be sitting at your desk a lot. A well-designed chair with ergonomic support ensures you don’t feel discomfort whilst working. Your desk needs to be at the correct height, and big enough to meet your needs without swallowing all the room space. A small stationery cupboard, a filing cabinet, and a bookcase are other items that you may need. Not to mention a good supply of stationery!

Keep the décor fairly neutral to avoid distractions and make your working space comfortable. A few personal touches, such as potted plants and wall pictures, can, however, help to inspire creativity.


Your equipment should be as up to date as possible. Technology is likely to be your biggest friend or foe in the office! If something isn’t working as it should be, get it fixed! The basics for your home office will generally be a PC or laptop, a printer, a dedicated office phone, and fax facilities. You don’t need to buy a fax machine though; you could use an online fax service.


A high-speed and stable internet connection is a must. You might also want a separate phone number if you don’t wish to use a mobile number for your business, and you’ll need a fax number and a separate phone line if you use a traditional fax machine.


Whilst your room will already have lighting, consider if it is the best lighting for an office. Try and position your desk near to the window to get as much natural light as possible. If the ceiling light doesn’t adequately light the room, invest in office lamps. You could also consider changing the light bulbs.

Correspondence Address

If you have your own home-based company, do you want people communicating with you by post at your home address? If not, a PO Box or registered office address service could be worth looking into.

With these tips, you’re good to go! Create, or improve, a home office to be proud of!