Mail Forwarding Service

Taking Care of Your Company’s Post

If you relocate your business, or otherwise change your company’s mailing address, making sure that you still receive all of your mail can be a valid concern. Not only do you need peace of mind that you will actually receive your mail, but you also need to know that mail delivery will be in a timely manner, allowing you to deal with matters as they arise and not miss any opportunities that might be presented.

Your official post, such as legal notices etc, will go to your registered address. But what if this changes too? It may not just be your regular company address that changes.

A mail forwarding service ensures that your post is sent on to you, and there are several services your business can avail itself of.

Regular Mail Providers

Most mail providers offer a mail forwarding service. This is sometimes called a virtual address, whereby your mail is sent to one address, but actually delivered to another by way of a divert system. In Singapore, Singapore Post provides a mail redirect service for businesses and individuals, giving you time to inform customers, suppliers, and other relevant parties about your change in address. It also gives you adequate time to change your official letter headers, promotional materials, and so on. It is possible to have your mail forwarded within the country and internationally. Monthly fees apply, and there is no maximum period for which you can have your post redirected.

Private Mail Services

If you require additional mail services on top of the actual post forwarding service, a private mail forwarding account might be the answer. For example, mail-scanning services may be available, meaning that you don’t need to wait for a redirect; your mail will be opened and scanned, giving you instant access. Some even offer online mail management too, taking care of not just your postal communications but your online messages too. This can be really convenient if your time is being taken up with other matters.

Long-Term Solutions

If you are looking for a mail forwarding administration, with extras, that can make your company’s operations more streamlined and efficient for the long term, have you considered a business address service? Your postal address needn’t be the same as your company’s offices, you can have a prestigious address that will potentially impress clients, and your mail can be taken care of by an intermediary. The service is similar to with a private mail service, whereby your post is opened and scanned, and forwarded on to you if requested as part of the deal.

Registered Address

A registered office address service allows you to have a manned service to deal with your incoming post, forwarding it on to you at alternative premises. If your company is likely to change location several times, this could be an ideal solution, as opposed to continually updating your public details and registration.

Mail forwarding services give you freedom with your location, whilst still ensuring that you receive those all-important communications.