What Does Your Mailing Address Say About Your Company?

A mailing address isn’t simply an address for receiving post, although that is, of course, its primary purpose. A good mailing address enhances your company’s profile and adds to the overall image that your business projects to others.


People often associate particular address or neighbourhoods with certain things; if your company address is in a less-than-desirable part of town, others may, consciously or subconsciously, form a negative impression about your business. If, on the other hand, your mailing address is in an affluent and well-heeled part of town, others generally see your business as being more successful, respected and reliable. Depending on the nature of your business, you might also want an address that isn’t city-centre based, but rather in a well-known artsy area, a fashionable spot, or an up-and-coming district.

Is your company’s postal address something that you are proud to print on your letterhead and promotional materials? Do you feel good when handing over your business card or telling people how they can contact you via post?

Your mailing address is something to consider when choosing an office for rent. Alternatively, you can use a business address service, combined with a mail forwarding service, giving you a postage address to be proud of whilst maintaining your functional offices elsewhere.

Stability and Trust

Let’s say, for example, that you work on a freelance basis, either from a home office, a business centre, a shared office space, or similar. You could have your mailing address as your home address. You could use a care of address. You might choose to use an address service, as mentioned above. You could consider using a PO Box.

One thing’s for sure though – you need a fixed mailing address to establish trust. It is not ideal to change your postal address frequently. Plus, you increase the risk of important communications going astray.

Connected to location, does your private address project the image that you want for your company? Are you in a line of work that could potentially see people turning up at your address, wishing to talk with someone in person? A care of address is typically not advised. Whilst it may be a permanent mailing address that you plan to use, it suggests that your company does not have fixed premises of their own, and this can immediately have a negative impact. A PO Box address often has the same negative connotations, with many people being unwilling to deal with a business that does not have a transparent mailing address.

Registered Address Vs Mailing Address

Remember that your mailing address does not necessarily have to be the same as your registered address. Various services exist that allow you to conduct your work from anywhere whilst still getting all of your mail and the benefits that come with a good address. For example, a registered office address service allows you to register your enterprise to one address, and you can have your (non-legal) post sent elsewhere to a different company address.

Your mailing address is probably a lot more important than you first thought!