Coworking Space

A once-innovative and out-of-the-box way of working, coworking is now a major element of business life and work.

A once-innovative and out-of-the-box way of working, co-working is now a major element of business life and work. There are many co-working spaces in a variety of cities and towns all around the world, used by locals and foreigners alike. There are some locations in Asia where co-working space is widely available, largely due to high office space rental, a large number of start-ups, small businesses, digital nomads, and lone workers, and a high demand for temporary office space. Asian locations that have a particular large amount of co-working space include Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, and China.

How Does a Co-working Space Work?

A co-working space is, rather simply, set up so that people can work! Often a lot more relaxed than a conventional office, it is fairly typical for people to use their own equipment, as opposed to walking into a fully-equipped office for the day. This is a major different between a co-working space and a business centre. A type of shared office space, the exact layout and facilities differ from place to place. Some places offer one large room with shared or individual desks, whereas others have several rooms of varying sizes for people to work from. This is particularly useful if you want to discuss ideas with other people without disturbing workers around you, or letting confidential information slip.

Pricing schemes vary. It may be possible to pay as you use a co-working office, with billing by the hour. Some places offer daily, weekly, or monthly passes, and it might also be possible to get a long-term membership. When you have paid for a set period of time, this generally doesn’t give you your own personal space within the co-working area; you still just sit anywhere that’s vacant, rather like a hot desking system.

A fast and reliable internet connection is an essential within a co-working environment. Other office facilities may be available for an additional charge, including things like meeting room rental, a fax number, telephones, photocopying services, and printing facilities. There might be someone on hand who can assist with basic technical problems. Co-working spaces generally have areas where you can make a drink and store food, and some even have a cafe or a kitchen.

Spirit of Co-working

Much more than just providing a place to work, a co-working space is seen as being a way for people to mix, meet others, and enjoy the social aspect of work. The group of people within such a shared office environment are not working for the same company, with many actually being self-employed, yet they can still benefit from feeling as though they have the support of colleagues. Anyone can use a co-working area. The spirit of co-working is that it brings together people who share the same core work values and who enjoy working alongside others.

Co-workers come from all walks of life and from all age groups, performing a diversity of different jobs and projects.