Meeting Room Rental

Whether you need a small meeting space for two or a larger room that’s for a board meeting, check out the various rooms for hire.

There are many reasons why a company may look for meeting room rental. It could be that a company has its own onsite meeting rooms but that they are not big enough, already booked for use, under renovation, or any number of other reasons. Perhaps a business works from a business centre, a managed office, or a serviced office that has no meeting room provisions or availability. Somebody might usually work from a home office and want to rent a meeting room to create a more professional impression. At times, a company may consider the location of attendees, and opt to rent a meeting space that is more convenient for the majority of people who will attend. It may also be that a company is planning a team building event away from the regular corporate office, but wants an appropriate space to discuss important matters with the team pre or post activity. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to secure meeting room rental, you are bound to be able to find a meeting space that meets your needs. With the availability of cheap meeting room rental, hiring a meeting room needn’t cost so must.

Rental Terms

Meeting room hire is usually fairly flexible, allowing people to rent a room by the hour, by the day, by the week, or on a recurring daily / weekly / monthly schedule. Need a place to meet your team all together for an hour or so once a week? No problem. Are you frustrated with trying to find an appropriate and private place to hold monthly one-on-one staff appraisal meetings? No worries. Do you have a one-off need to use a meeting room for important negotiations? You’ve got it. Perhaps you have an ongoing project that requires regular meetings over the course of a few months. Sure thing. You’ll be able to find meeting room rental that fits your agenda; just make sure to pre-book in advance!

Size and Space Requirements

Whether you need a small meeting space for two people, or a larger room that’s suitable say, for example, for a board meeting, meeting room hire provides rooms with varying capacities. For a larger-than-normal group, you could also investigate the possibility of seminar room rental, or find a conference room for rent.

Facilities of Rented Meeting Rooms

When you rent a meeting room you can expect it to be comfortable and fully-equipped with everything needed in a typical corporate meeting. Seating, an internet connection, refreshment facilities, a projector and / or electronic white boards, conference call facilities, a microphone, and AV equipment are amongst the facilities that may be offered. Induction loops for attendees who use hearing aid equipment are also beneficial in some cases. Some meeting room rentals offer waiting areas, especially useful if delegates will not all be arriving together and when you are dealing with people from outside of your company.

Meeting room rentals are available in a variety of places. Many large hotels have spaces to hire, some restaurants offer meeting facilities, with the added bonus that you can source catering onsite for all-day meetings, some larger companies rent out their facilities to other companies, and there is a whole host of other buildings that have meeting rooms to hire. You may even be able to source a meeting room at places like your local bowling alley, theme park, or shopping centre!