Virtual Offices

A virtual office allows companies to function effectively and professionally without needing to actually rent an office space.

A virtual office allows companies to function effectively and professionally without needing to actually rent an office space. A variety of virtual office services enable businesses to reap all the benefits of an office … without managing or setting foot into one!

Packages vary, and you can often add elements that you need whilst ignoring others that you don’t. The best virtual office services typically include a virtual address in the main business area of the city centre, a mail forwarding service, a receptionist, secretarial support, administrative assistance, handling of the office phone, personal assistant services, cheap training room rental, availability of affordable meeting rooms, and more.

Some companies use a basic package, which is generally little more than a mailing address couple with post forwarding, whilst others take full advantage of the array of virtual office services that are available.

There are many reasons why businesses use virtual office services. Here are some of the advantages for businesses who are considering using more virtual office services:


A major consideration is often price; it is often cheaper to use virtual business solutions than it is to pay for cheap office rental. This is often attractive for startups and small businesses. Self-employed people who mainly work from a co-working space or home office can find the extra help provided by virtual staff majorly useful.

As well as there being fewer overheads, with no building to rent or maintain and no utilities and other essential services to pay for, there are also generally reduced costs in terms of furnishing an office and buying technology.

Reduced Responsibility

Using virtual workers means that staff responsibility is delegated to the provider. The service provider will always ensure that your needs are met, meaning that you don’t have to worry, for example, if your one sole receptionist calls in sick for the day or leaves on short notice. There is no need to consider hiring and firing staff, and you will have little responsibility in terms of ongoing training.

Geographical Spread of Employees

Some companies that use virtual business service already have a fairly large team of people that fulfill various roles. They may be located far from each offer though, making having a physical office impossible. In such a case, a company may rely on its staff working remotely, using virtual office services to bridge the gap and aid efficiency.


Virtual Office services add an edge of professionalism to a company that might otherwise have been lacking. Good support staff members keep operations rolling, freeing up management’s time to focus on other business matters. It adds to the company’s reputation and can make customers feel more valued and trust the company more. For example, calls are answered promptly by courteous and efficient voices on the other end, the postal address looks great, matters may be dealt with more swiftly because of extra support staff, and so on.

There are lots of reasons why many businesses are turning to virtual office services.