Finding a Serviced Office for Rent

A serviced office is a convenient type of instant office that is perfect for those looking for short term office rental in a well-equipped and professional environment without the hassle of sourcing and setting up their own traditional-style office for rent.

The office facility is taken care of by a management company, which then rents space to other companies or individuals. Companies may choose a relatively small office space for rent, a whole floor, or, essentially, rent the exact space that they need to meet their business requirements.

You will commonly find a selection of serviced offices to rent in almost all major business-focused cities across the globe. In Singapore, there is plenty of serviced office space for rent in the Central Business District (CBD), as well as in other parts of the country.

Offering a range of handy business services as well as the actual office workspace, here are some factors to think about when looking for a serviced office for rent:


Cost is an important factor when renting any commercial space, not just a serviced office. Compare prices and work out how much actual office space you are getting for the dollar. Don’t forget that utilities, such as lighting, heating, air-conditioning, and internet, are included in the rental package, as well as maintenance, cleaning, and other useful services. Find out the extra services that are covered by the standard costs, how much additional services will cost, and do a thorough comparison.

A rough idea of how long you will want to rent the serviced for is also helpful, as packages can be cheaper for longer durations as opposed to short term office rental. Whilst most serviced offices make it easy to extend your rental period, you could get a better deal if you commit to a longer period up front.

Inclusive Services

The bare minimum that you can expect from a serviced office is an equipped desk, usually with a computer and an office phone. However, there is generally much more offered under the rental agreement for a serviced office.

Examples of typical services that might be included are related to support personnel, business equipment, and office facilities.

Office facilities may include a comfortable lobby / waiting area for visitors to wait for you, meeting rooms, conference, rooms, seminar rooms, and training rooms, shower rooms, storage areas, common areas for tenants to store / prepare food and take a break, and kitchenettes. Toilets are also, of course, available. Staff services may include shared reception services, with receptionists acting on behalf of each tenant, IT support services, a virtual address plus mail sorting and distribution, call handling / call centre facilities, and secretarial, administrative, and PR support. Business equipment could include the use of fax machines, photocopying machines, printers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and stationery supplies.

Ensure you are fully aware of what services are included with each serviced office for rent, which ones attract a premium, and which are not available.

Additional Features and Facilities

Check for things like car-parking availability, a lift in the building, wheelchair accessibility, etc.

As a move to try and attract as many companies as possible, some serviced offices for rent go above and beyond providing solely work-related services and facilities, providing other attractive benefits and perks. Examples could include use of an onsite or nearby gym or fitness centre, a swimming pool, crèche and child-minding facilities, an onsite café and / or a subsidised eatery, and some might offer cost-saving initiatives and money-saving vouchers to tenants that can be used in a variety of places, from consultation firms and tax advisors, to restaurants, cinemas, shops, and places of interest.

There is much to consider when choosing a serviced office for rent!