Business Solutions for Short Term Office Rental

Whilst traditionally many commercial landlords required fairly long office leasing durations, thus making short term office rental quite difficult to secure, there is an increasing number of landlords who are prepared to offer leases for shorter durations in order to avoid a property from standing empty. Finding short term office rentals is perhaps easier today than it was in times gone by. More landlords are open to negations with companies looking to rent an office space, and it may be possible to arrange a short term hire period.

A landlord of a managed office might be even more open to a short term lease.

There are, however, other alternatives that your business can consider. Renting a traditional office need not be only option available to you. Some of these other methods also mean that you don’t need a security deposit, to set up service providers, or provide your own office furniture and equipment, as is necessarily with a conventional office rental.

Serviced Office

A serviced office is a place of business that has been created with the sole aim of being a business-ready space. Ready to go, instant offices mean a company can walk in and get right down to business. A hugely attractive feature of a serviced office is the fact it offers convenient short term office rental; companies can generally pay month by month for the use of the office and the facilities. Corporate serviced offices let you focus on your business and put your work first, whilst benefiting from a short-term professional office.

Business Centre

A business centre is a professionally managed office arrangement that provides fully-equipped short term office rentals. A perfect solution for temporary office space, a company or lone worker can avail themselves of a well-equipped working environment, with a variety of additional services often available. These may be at a premium, or may be included in the hire fee. Business centres might offer fixed-term-duration packages to meet your short term office rental needs, and some also offer the option to just pay as you use the centre.

Coworking Space

Whilst not an office for rent as such, using a coworking space could be a way to meet your short term business needs, avoiding the requirement of sourcing a short term office rental. If you, or your team, can use your own laptops and technology, and simply need a communal space, with internet access, in which to work, coworking could be ideal. Additional facilities are often available for a supplemental fee, such as printing, photocopying, and faxing.

There are many other services that make finding temporary office arrangements even easier, allowing you to consider a wider variety of short term office rentals. You don’t need your office to be perfect, so long as it meets your immediate day-to-day needs. A mail forwarding service, virtual office services, and seminar room rental are just a few things that can make short-term office plans easier to manage.