Sourcing a Small Office Space for Rent

Finding a smaller office space for rent can often be tricky. Many conventional offices available for lease are fairly large, with landlords often wanting to rent as big a space as possible and therefore make as much money from their premises as possible. Alternatively, a rented office might be just that – one individual office that can accommodate one person, or possibly two at a squeeze. Whilst this can be ideal for self-employed professionals who want to branch out from a home office, or lone practitioners of law, medicine, or another discipline who simply need space to accommodate a desk and where they can sometimes meet people, what about small companies with a team that need a small office space for rent?

Here are some useful tips if you want to rent an office space that is smaller than the norm:

Don’t Dismiss Conventional Office Rentals

Although, as mentioned above, there are many larger commercial premises for rent, there are some landlords who are starting to see the benefits of dividing up bigger spaces into smaller leasable areas. If you look around you may just find a floor of a building that is available to rent, allowing you to operate independently of the other companies within the building, a suite within an office building, and similar. In practice, this isn’t really so different to finding an office rental within an office block.

Consider Office Sharing

Office sharing is where several companies rent an office together. It doesn’t necessarily mean that staff members from all companies are scattered and must mingle throughout the working day, but rather, that the rent is shared. This allows companies to consider larger office premises than they need, as the space and costs will be split with others.

Companies who already have an office in operation might decide that, actually, they don’t need all the space that they have and subsequently make the decision to sublet part of the office space. This is often a great way for people to find a small office space for rent.

Don’t be Afraid to Think about Spaces that are Too Small

If you find a small office space to rent that is slightly too small for your business needs, but otherwise perfect, you could think about implementing a policy of hot desking. This is where some, or all, members of staff use any desk that is available when they work, as opposed to everyone having their own personal workspace. This can only be effective though in an office where not all staff members are present at any given time.

Desk sharing is another possibility, especially common for job-sharing members of the team. If two (or more) people perform the duties of one person, and at different times of the week, job-sharers can use the same desk, thus saving on space.

Be Creative

A little creativity in a small office space for rent can go a long way. Would it be possible for any staff members to work remotely, at least for part of the week? Are there meeting rooms that you wouldn’t use that could be repurposed for additional office space? Even if you would need a meeting room on the odd occasion, you could still change the space to be part of the office and use a meeting room rental when needed.

Depending on the immediate need and the cost considerations, finding a serviced office for rent or using a business centre as an interim, or maybe even a permanent, measure could also be useful.